Alright, we have 2 albums available, actually.

Both can be bought from the iTunes store as digital albums from the iTunes link above, or as physical CDs from your favourite online record shop or from GoDanishFolk records

Our Latest album is called “Firetour” and contains repertoire from the regions of Lolland and Falster in Denmark,  given the usual energetic treatment with the occasional dose of humour too.


In between our two Baltic Crossing albums we were part of a fantastic project with Helene Boksle to arrange the music for and accompany her singing for her Morild album on Universal Records.  It was loads of fun to arrange, and recording and playing with such a great singer was fantastisk actually!  Here is also a video made for one of our tracks.

Our debut CD is simply called “Baltic Crossing“.  It was recorded around 4 years ago and contains all our original hit tunes including “Space Cowboys”, “Vankarin Polska” and “Korv o Mos”.



But even before we made our first album as a band, we recorded loads of tracks together for Kristian Bugge’s solo album,  which he produced after winning the Danish Radio ‘Radium’ award as an undiscovered Danish folk talent!  It also features our great friend and one-time member Cormac Byrne on Drums/Bodhran and loads of our other Danish pals too.



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